Erik - Book One
Erik - Book One

Erik - Book One

  • Модел: Erik - Book One
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It is getting dark over the mountain lake; the passing winter freezes the quiet northern land. A little boy dressed in fur, girded with a sword decorated with a raven head, struggles with uneven terrain, mud, and unbearable load – the remains of his father – Edsgar, the mighty warrior of the Great North.

A stream of white light splashes from the sky to the funeral pyre. A ringing sound fills everything around. It is as if billions of metal particles are sprinkled on a steel shield. Edsgar bids farewell to Erik, the lovely Valkyries take on the spirit of the warrior, and he flies with them to the gates of Valhalla to take his rightful place by Odin's side.

Wounded, weary, and exhausted, Erik sets out on his way home to carry out his father's last order. Alone, but not quite.

„Who are you...“ the boy whispered again.
„I am the daughter of Odin and the Dawn of Time.“ A voice like spring answered, „I am the Princess of the Dawn.“ The girl added, and thousands of harps picked up a soft melody.
Erik felt he was sinking. The fairy girl flew away.
„Will I ever see you again?“ He said with his heart.“

The little boy is caught in a whirlwind of hypocrisy, betrayal, and threat. The Norns determine the battles to be his destiny. Real and invisible. Will the little warrior survive? Will he follow his father's covenant, the legacy of the Viking?

Erik's thrilling adventure continues as you leaf through Book One.

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ISBN 9786199203422
SKU BKBK0013753N
Автор Георги Връбчев
Брой страници 232
Жанрове Приключенски, Фентъзи
Издателство Планини
Категория Научна фантастика, фентъзи и хорър Чуждоезикови книги

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