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This retold version of William Shakespeare’s Scottish story of witchcraft and murder is written as a..

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Man with the Golden Gun

Scaramanga is a cold-blooded killer with connections to the KGB and the Cuban Secret Police. There i..

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Middlemarch is George Eliot’s classic story of the lives and loves of people living in a small Engli..

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Mine Boy

Vivid story of the hardships endured by a young Zulu migrant worker. Xuma sees the brutality of the ..

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Mistress of Spices

Tilo owns a shop in Oakland, California, where she sells her herbs and spices. But Tilo isn't just a..

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Moby Dick

Retold by John Escott for upper-intermediate students of English. Ishmael and his friend join the cr..

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Officially Dead

Colin Fenton and his wife run a computer software company, but only Colin knows that the business is..

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Vanity Fair

Tells the story of Becky Sharp's rise from rags to riches in Vanity Fair. This is a work about the s..

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