Bridget Jones's Diary

Helen Fielding's story of the loveable Bridget, and her struggles with men and weight, was made inte..

15.00 лв.

Bridget Jones: The edge of reason

It's a new year and Bridget has a boyfriend at last; the handsome and successful lawyer, Mark Darcy!..

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Bridget Jones: The edge of reason + CD


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Bristol Murder

Peter, a long-distance lorry driver, gives a lift to a 16-year-old hitch-hiker. As the boy confides ..

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A new strand of the popular Macmillan Readers series, the Macmillan Cultural Readers are factual rea..

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David Copperfield

When David Copperfield's father dies, his mother is forced to marry Edward Murdstone, a cruel and do..

15.00 лв.

Down Second Avenue

The Story of Eseki, a young boy who, during his growth into adulthood, becomes slowly aware of the i..

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Dr No

ames Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the sudden disappearance of the island's Governor and hi..

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Through this powerfully retold version, students have an opportunity to read one of the most famous ..

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