Настолна игра Celtic - стратегическа
Настолна игра Celtic - стратегическа

Настолна игра Celtic - стратегическа

  • Модел: Настолна игра Celtic - стратегическа
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Келтският владетел на Ветерау търси свой наследник. За да се докажат като достойни, играчите трябва да обикалят региона и да търгуват със съседни племена. Някои полета в играта Celtic ви позволяват да събирате ресурси, а в други трябва да се изпълняват задачи.

Играта е динамична и има бързи ходове, които не позволяват да скучаете. Играчът с най-добра тактика, печели.

Информация от издателя:

The Celtic Lord of the Wetterau is looking for a successor. To prove themselves worthy, players have to travel the region and trade with neighboring tribes. Each turn they have to perform one movement with their family members; other players at their starting location can decide to join them. While some locations allow players to collect goods, others have to be visited to fulfill goal cards which grant influence (victory points). The game ends immediately once a player has fulfilled five goal cards or chooses to reveal that they've collected one good of every kind. Players then tally up their points and the most influential Celt wins.

Celtic is an easily accessible family game for 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up. Quick turns that allow inactive players to profit make for a light tactical game without downtime.

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