Bristol Murder

Peter, a long-distance lorry driver, gives a lift to a 16-year-old hitch-hiker. As the boy confides ..

13.00 лв.

Bronze Bust mystery

In this contemporary adventure, Robert and Lucy are transported back to Ancient Rome. When they try ..

10.00 лв.

Call of the wild

A companion piece to White Fang, The Call of the Wild is the story of Buck, a domesti..

12.00 лв.

Camcorder Thief

In this contemporary adventure, Steven and Sarah learn how to use a camcorder. They enjoy filming, b..

10.00 лв.

Canterville ghost and other stories

Three short stories by one of the most witty and popular writers of the nineteenth century.Stories i..

11.00 лв.

Carnival time

Carnival Time is a new Macmillan Children's Reader title for 2013. It is a Level 2 reader. Its fun a..

10.00 лв.

Casino Royale

When Bond defeats Le Chiffre, a powerful Russian Agent, in a game of cards, he believes his mission ..

12.00 лв.


Castles / King Arthur's Treasure is a Level 5 reader. Its fun and informative subject matter will ca..

10.00 лв.


Caves / The Lucky Accident is a Level 6 reader. Its fun and informative subject matter will capture ..

10.00 лв.

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